Achieve Wellness and Health

About 15 years ago my husband had knee surgery; afterwards he suffered from plantar fasciitis. Day after day he came home in pain and could barley walk. He saw specialists, tried custom insoles, exercise to stretch the muscles and ligaments in the area, and tried rolling his feet on frozen water bottles and nothing worked. It only took the pain away for a short time but nothing long term. It wasn’t until a customer of his introduced him to a wellness company. After hearing the customer’s story and how this wellness company had helped him we had nothing to lose if we gave it a try.

We ordered the insoles and as soon as they arrived he put them in his shoes and wore them the next day. Each day he would feel less pain until it didn’t bother him anymore. He was relieved; the excruciating pain from plantar fasciitis had righted itself with these insoles. He wore the same insoles in every shoe he wore with the exception of sandals and he swore by these insoles there wasn’t anymore pain in his feet.

Knowing the pain he felt and knowing that nothing helped but these insoles he was sold on this wellness company and become a consultant of theirs. He has helped other co-workers and friends over the years achieve their wellness; and he would like to help others too. If you, or someone you know would like more information in wellness click on contact us below. Visit our wellness website and explore all the areas of health and wellness we can offer. We’d love to help you out!