About Us

Locally owned and operated

We are excited to bring C-T Creations to our community!  C-T Creations is all about making memorable times that kids and adults can reflect on.  With a teddy bear workshop we help make kids smile and help them create a furry friend that will remind them of their party fun for years to come!

It’s a family ran business

Our three beautiful daughters are thrilled to help us out with the workshops, local markets,  parties and events.

The idea

When our two oldest were in elementary school I was always looking for crafty and unique party and entertainment ideas for their birthday parties.  Every year I  stressed over what to put in the thank you bags.  I never liked the selection of toys that were available; I always felt it was a waste of money.

I began doing research, what would others like to see in a thank you bag, what would not feel like you are wasting your money, and it had to be something fun.  Our kids loved stuffies;  I could never leave the mall fast enough before they would want to make one.  Hmm, all kids love stuffies!

The start of a business

In September 2017 we opened C-T Creations to provide our community with fun entertainment for children’s parties, community events, corporate events and more.  A mobile teddy bear workshop fit all the avenues I always looked for; it is crafty, unique, the kids can make themselves, and a thank you bag all in one convenient package.

Bringing smiles and laughter to each child

It is our vision to bring a smile and hear the laughter of each child and make their day as special as it can be.  Whether it’s a special get together, a birthday party, or a celebration for an accomplishment I want to bring that joy to them because they deserve it!

What do you think?

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.